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The Wallace Group is a partnership created in 2004 by several leading UK Universities to support sports development for young people in Zambia. Today the partnership embraces 7 Universities, UK Sport, two NGBs, two charities and our principle partner, the Zambian NGO, Sport in Action.




Kalingalinga is located in the eastern part of Lusaka and has one government school and two community schools within the compound. There are always crowds of young children to entertain in this friendly community....Read More


Munali Project Area is one of SIA’s centres for sports excellence and is located a few Kilometers to the east of Lusaka city centre. All the schools are located within a 10 minute walking distance from Munali High School...Read More




Chipata Open Community School is is located north of Lusaka town centre, in a highly populated area. The majority of children are orphans and vulnerable children ranging from preschool to grade 9, aged 5-18 years...Read More


St Patrick's

Fountain of Hope

...Read More


Fountain of Hope is a community school/street kid centre located in Kamwala. Currently 68 street children are fed and housed at the centre with approximately 1000 children aged 8-22 years old attending from the local community...Read More

FountainofHope Chipata St Patrick's Mtendere Munali Kalingalinga