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St Patrick's

Samantha Orridge, Northumbria - 2016

Charlotte Ellis, Northumbria - 2016 


St Patrick's, an all-girls school full of excited children just wanting to get involved. Never before have children given us such a warm welcome. Aside from some of the school rules this place is amazing. These children study hard and get involved in sport purely because they love it. The smiles on these girls' faces are infectious. Every day you walk out the gate with a smile from ear to ear. We didn’t have to be coaching to feel that we were making a difference. As soon as we walked through the gate the girls ran up wanting us to play.


All the peer leaders at St Patrick's have been amazing especially with the issues they have to face. Every session ran smoothly and both us and the girls left there feeling positive. It’s been a pleasure spending our week days there for the past 6 weeks. This is definitely a place we will remember.

Mirriam Zam