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Sport In Action

Sport In Action (SIA) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose purpose is to improve people’s quality of life through sport and recreational activities. Founded in 1998, SIA was the first Zambian sports NGO. With Sport for Development (the use of sport as a tool for social change) as its underlying principle, SIA positively impacts the lives of thousands of children throughout 24 districts in Zambia . SIA staff and volunteers work with more than 160,000 children each week, many of whom come from challenging backgrounds. Through this work lives have been transformed due to knowledge enhancement in the area of health life skills, behavioural change towards both family and peers and improvement in sporting abilities.


Current Projects


1. Norwegian supported Project (NIF)


The project is implemented in three districts namely Livingstone, Kabwe and Lusaka and it is called Sport for Positive Life Styles. Key activities under this project for the next three years from 2016-2018 are coach education, sports tournaments, sportscamps, and life skills education:


- To consolidate and strengthen sports clubs in each of the 3 districts targeted Lusaka, Kabwe and Livingstone by 2018.

- To enhance organizational competences  for utilizing sport  to address HIV and AIDS, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, children’s rights violations, GBV  and promote healthy lifestyle among the 15,000 young people by 2018.

- To  identify and consolidate clear pathways for SIA’s athletes, coaches and referees in partnership with the Basketball, Football, Netball and the Volleyball national sports federation by the 2018.

- To improve organizational competence through an effective M&E system including retention of human resource to implement programs more effectively and efficiently by the year 2018.

- To use sport as a means  for promoting gender equity, empower girls and women; children with disabilities, street children, and OVCs including building safe, social  and economic opportunities among SIA’s targeted beneficitiries by the year 2018.


2. Save the Children supported Project


Under this partnership, we have three projects.


a. Musical Aid Project funded by the Swedish is implemented in Chibombo. The project is called Girls In Action, which is a new project that we launched early last year. The project aims at reaching 3000 young girls with key information on comprehensive sexual education and it also encourages the participation of girls in sport.

b. A second Girls in Action project is funded by the local SIDA (NORAD Norway) office but is implemented in Kabwe, Lusaka, and Livingstone districts only. Here the project aims at reaching 6500 young girls.

c. We also receive a grant from the South African regional office under the Pan Africa Project, which runs up to September this year. The project aims at enhancing our ability as Sport In Action to implement and facility comprehensive sexual education in schools and communities.


3. World Vision funded  project (Stamping Out and Preventing Gender Based Violence in Zambia)


The Gender Based Violence Survivor Support Project (GBVSS) has been running since October 2012. Sport In Action joined the project midway in 2015. The goal of this project is to increase the availability and uptake of quality services for Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors. One of the project objectives is to engage boys and young men in GBV prevention through sport. The project is funded by USAID through PEPFAR and the UKAID through the Department for International Development (DFID). The project is currently being implemented by Sport In Action in six districts namely Monze, Kalomo. Mumbwa, Nyimba, Mpika and Chingola.


· Under this project we have employed six of our young people who have been with us for the last six to seven years to coordinate project activities in the targeted communities.

· The project aim is to reach 47,000 young people (Male) by the end of 2017 with key messages on Gender Based Violence.

· The project is using football as a tool to reach out to young people


4. Football for Hope Project funded by FIFA


Supported by FIFA, this project runs in Livingstone, Lusaka, and Kabwe. SIA expects that during the course of the project, the Comprehensive Sexual Education, football 3, HIV and drug abuse sessions will have been shared with teachers, community coaches and peer leaders in targeted areas, and that a multiplier effect will have been achieved regarding facilitation of CSE&I through the Process Oriented Approach methodologies. It is also expected that parents in the targeted communities will supplement the efforts of teachers, peer leaders and community coaches in the schools and communities by ensuring that the activities are implemented.







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“Active, healthy and better living for all”



“Sport In Action shall endeavour to use sport and recreation as a tool to improve the quality of children’s lives by providing a program that will being about motivation, self-development, child protection and self-reliance through social and economic empowerment.”