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Kalingalinga is located in the Eastern part of Lusaka. On this placement you work closely with peer leaders in both community and school groups/teams. Football, netball,Volleyball and basketball are all played on a regular basis within the compound and there are always crowds of young children to entertain and play with.


Kalinglinga placement has one government School and two community Schools. The priority sports are Football, Volleyball and Netball. The activities be conducted in Kalingalinga are Physical Education, Workshop/trainings for Peer Leaders,Sports trainings and also tournaments. The target age group is from 5 – 18 years playing alongside one another. Kalingalinga is a friendly community




Munali Project Area is one of SIA’s centres for sports excellence whereby sport development for boys and girls is put on the centre stage. SIA has been working in 7 government and community schools and an out of school sports programme in Mulani for over 5 years. Mulani is located east of Lusaka a few Kilometers from Lusaka city centre and all the schools are located within a 10 minute walking distance from Munali High School, which is the central point.


Most participants are between 5 to 19 year old and about ten peer leaders and 2 site coordinators are working over the site. Activities include football, netball, baseball, basketball and PE and forums. PE sessions are conducted in the morning while sports activities are conducted in the afternoon; this also encompasses out of school participants. All activities are integrated with messages on HIV and AIDS, drugs and substance abuse, child rights, sex and sexuality. In order to be effective and efficient in our sport development programmes, football, netball, basketball, baseball are centralised and thus all conducted at Munali High school grounds.



SIA has been operating at Chipata Open Community School since 2006. Chipata Open Community School is a regular type, Government School registered under Zambia Open Schools (ZOCS). The school is located north of Lusaka town centre, in a highly populated area. The majority of children (90%) are orphans and vulnerable children/youths ranging from preschool to grade 9 and fall between the ages of 5 to 18 years. The school also focuses on intellectually disabled children in the special unit. The school has a total number of 1500 children. SIA focus on two main activities, Physical education and sports program. The physical education activities are conducted in the mornings while the sports programs are conducted in the afternoon.


The sports activities conducted at the school include football, netball, volleyball, basketball, P.E sessions and traditional games. The activities implemented are integrated with life skills and other social issues affecting the children. The school has basic sports facilities for football, netball, volleyball and basketball. Durham University recently supported the resurfacing of the basketball court. It is an enclosed area and all the sports facilities are inside the wall fence. The activities are currently being managed by two site coordinators and four peer leaders.

Fountain Of Hope


SIA has been working at Fountain of Hope since 2002. Fountain of Hope is a community school/street kid centre located in Kamwala. Currently 68 street children are fed and housed at the centre with approximately 1000 children attending from the local community. The age range of the children at the centre is 8 -22 years. The children attend classes in the morning and Sport in Action delivers sporting activities in the afternoon (between 2-4pm). The activities at the centre are conducted by four SIA - Youth Empowerment through Sport (YETS) volunteers. Working with the children at this centre is interesting and can be difficult at times due to issues related with street children i.e. physical /sexual abuse, substance abuse and challenging behaviour. The activities conducted need to be fun at the same time incorporating a social message on HIV/AIDS awareness, Sexuality issues etc. (relevant activities targeted at the different age groups).


SIA provides various sporting activities which include volleyball, basketball, football, netball as well as traditional games. The facilities at Fountain of Hope have been renovated by Durham University and are now in very good condition. The site is enclosed in a wall fence and there are toilets on the site.

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