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Our Mission - to make a difference

“Empowering communities and enriching the lives of young Zambians through the power of sport, leadership and education.”

The Wallace Group has established a strong partnership to help with the effective delivery of development programmes to over 160,000 children each week; and works closely with the Zambian government, and other sport stakeholders to support the delivery of Zambia’s strategy for sport.



• To support the development of long-term mutually beneficial relationships between the UK and Zambia.

• To enhance leadership skills and sports specific developments for Zambian young people, leaders and organizations.

• To build capacity and knowledge sharing between the Wallace Group and Zambian organisations, capturing good practice examples through case studies and reports.

• To provide university students with the opportunity to add value to their degree programme and develop their leadership skills through short term volunteer placements in an overseas environment.

Our Vision - creating a legacy

“To work together to create a legacy through the development of sport for the betterment of lives in Zambia; and to create environments that allow the exchange of information, ideas and skills.”


The Wallace Group Ambition:

To work with Sport in Action and it's partners to make a significant contribution to the long term, sustainable development of young people in Zambia.


At all times we will:

• Support SIA to build a sustainable sporting infrastructure of people, facilities and associated services.

• Not assume we know best or seek to impose our solutions on Zambian challenges/problems.

• Provide support and encouragement to Zambians to help them make informed decisions to achieve their goals.

• Seek to build and strengthen the capacity of local people to deliver sporting opportunities for young Zambians.

• Remain focused on the needs of young people.

• Collaborate with UK Sport and through them with other international agencies to ensure our interventions are complementary.

Our Aim

Our Promise