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Alice Harkness, Northumbria - 2016

Charlotte Dolan, Cardiff - 2016

Fiona Murray, St Andrews - 2016


One of the main things that separates Munali from the other placements is its sheer size and the number of children it reaches. With multiple basketball, football, netball and volleyball teams there is always someone on the grounds to amuse and entertain.


The children here are the most enthusiastic and passionate about their sports and are undeniably determined to progress as far as they can. Munali is a compound that encompasses all the good things about working within sports and specifically team sports; hard-work, teamship, communication, equality.


There is honestly never a dull moment here as something crazy or funny happens every day.


The level of talent displayed at Munali is amazing right down to the under 10s and under 12s football teams and they are honestly a pleasure to coach.

Mirriam Zam