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Eva Jermutus, St Andrews - 2016

Jessica McGurk, Stirling - 2016

Nicole Rodriguez, Durham  - 2016


Tia mama ti ende (clap) – I’m touched. Mtendere is home. Walking through the compound every day to get to the different sites of our placement made us understand the Zambian way until it became second nature.


Buses, market, drunk alley, … children running from all sides – Mtendere is a buzzing pot/spot filled with life and smiles. Even once we were used to the way of life in Mtendere everyday was a new experience. Whether it was the Zam time schedule or the very entertaining kids at the community school, everything came well together at the end of each day.


Due to each sport, volleyball, football and netball, all being situated at least a 20 minute walk apart meant we soon learned our way about the compound. Again, this meant communication with peer leaders and placement


partners needed to be regular for the sake of our safety and success in our sessions.


Mtendere has become a second home to us. Different from other placements, we had the opportunity to work within the streets of Lusaka itself, leaving us interacting often with Zambian people in addition to children. Balance things on your head, sit on chickens in buses, and greet everyone and, like us, become a part of the Mtendere family.