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What is involved on the placements?

Have the opportunity to teach English at the schools in your placement area.


Assist peer leaders with HIV/Aids awareness sessions as well as leading on social issues, such as healthy living.


Organise sport specific competitive matches for your school/community.


Lead your teams to the ‘Wallace Cup’, a tournament organised at the end of your placement.


An opportunity to coach at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) - if volunteers have good playing history or qualifications in others sports the is an opportunity to get involved with coaching at OYDC at weekends, sports include hockey, tennis, badminton, athletics, swimming, plus more.


You will have your own individual schools and community to work with each day for 6 weeks. Each pair of student volunteers will be allocated their own personal placement, with mornings/early afternoons dedicated to assisting in generic curriculum PE sessions for children from schools, and the afternoons spent coaching established sports teams in football, netball, basketball or volleyball.


For example within the community Kalingalinga, volunteers would coach football in the afternoons to U12, U14, U16 & U23’s and netball to U14’s & U16’s. These sports will take place simultaneously therefore you would coach your desired sport & your placement partner the other.


Build relationships with Zambian peer leaders, site coordinators and coaches. Each placement site will have a number of peer leaders to assist you with the PE lessons and coaching, you will need to work closely & share ideas & experiences.


Visit a rural village to deliver sports session and games.

What happens at the evenings & weekends?

The evenings are spent in the IDEALS house. Depending on the distance of your placement from the house you should be back at the house before dusk.


Usually the group have a cooking rota, therefore you & your placement partner may need to visit the shop to buy ingredients and cook a meal for your whole group (10 -16 depending on group size).


A day on site out in the sun is tiring, therefore most students take the evening to relax, share experiences of your day & plan for the next day’s delivery.

Weekends are generally free for students to explore the Zambian markets, accompany peer leaders to church, attend local rugby 7’s tournaments or other sporting fixtures, visit an internet café, or for undertaking any additional coaching at the OYDC. Students often arrange friendly matches between placements during the weekends as well.


A weekend trip to the magnificent Victoria Falls in Livingston is a must; activities available include bungee jumping, white water rafting, safari http://www.livingstonetourism.com/


Applications for the 2018 Volunteer Zambia project manager position are now OPEN!

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