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Fountain of Hope

Samantha Orridge, Northumbria -2016

Charlotte Ellis, Northumbria - 2016


Fountain of Hope, a place which truly makes Africa feel like home, one large family. A place where you’ll never want to leave, it’s been great, we've been part of the family and embarked on a journey which is unforgettable. The children at Fountain are so inspirational, boys wearing the same top day in day out for 6 weeks, playing football daily with no shoes, always helping and never complaining. We came here to help the children but we have learnt more from them than they have from us. You never know what the days will bring as each day is different, but all are positive, exciting and incredible.


Steven and his team are the most inspiring individuals you’ll ever meet. They’re always there to help even if it has nothing to do with the task in hand. All four of the peer leaders at this site are amazing and we can’t fault them one bit. It is incredible to see how much of a difference the Wallace Group makes and we are so proud to be a part of it. This programme is changing these young children’s lives and we won’t be leaving the project any time soon.

Mirriam Zam